OEB 51: Biology and Evolution of Invertebrate Animals



Catalog Number: 144597 Enrollment: Limited to 12. 
Cassandra G. Extavour and Gonzalo Giribet 
Half course (spring term). Lectures Tu., Th., 10-11:30; laboratory on Wednesdays with hours to be arranged. EXAM GROUP: 12, 13
Introduction to invertebrate diversity, will cover the development, adult anatomy, biology and evolutionary relationships of the main animal phyla including sponges, mollusks, annelids and arthropods among others. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the broad diversity of animal forms and their adaptations to different ecosystems and how these phenomena shape animal evolution. Lectures will be complemented with a mandatory weekly lab and a field trip to different areas of outstanding marine diversity in the Caribbean.
Note: Field trip to the Caribbean for research during spring break.
Prerequisite: LS1b, OEB 10, OEB 53 or permission of instructor required.