Arthropod Phylogeny, Evolution and Biogeography

Arthropoda is the largest animal phylum. Arthropods’ hard exoskeleton makes it ideal to explore their morphology and development and we use arthropods as models to study phylogeny, diversification and biogeography in terrestrial environments. Much of our work has focused on Opiliones (harvestmen), Araneae (spiders), and Chilopoda (centipedes). Our group is specially interested in the systematics and biogeography of Cyphophthalmi (mite harvestmen).

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Completed theses:

  • Sarah Boyer, 2007: Evolution and diversity of Cyphophthalmi (Arachnida, Opiliones):  Systematics and biogeography in New Zealand, across Gondwana, and worldwide
  • Ronald Clouse, 2010: Molecular and morphological phylogenetics and biogeography of a Southeast Asian arachnid family (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi, Stylocellidae)
  • Sebastián Vélez, 2011: Biogeography and speciation of arthropods across the Tasman Sea: Craterostigmus tasmanianus (Chilopoda: Craterostigmomorpha: Craterostigmidae), Monoscutidae (Opiliones: Eupnoi: Phalangioidea), and Triaenonychidae (Opiliones: Laniatores)
  • Prashant Sharma, 2012: Systematics, evolution and development in Opiliones (Arachnida)

 Highlighted publications:

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